A clock in Keynsham with 'wonky' hands has left residents scratching their heads.

Residents left baffled by the imposing clock tower in Keynsham, Somerset, have even compared it to Salvador Dali's striking work 'The Persistence of Memory'.

The Keynsham Clock features three sides and three clocks faces and was commissioned by Bath and North East Somerset (BANES) Council as part of a civic centre redevelopment in April 2015.

However, despite being just nine-years-old, one of the clock faces has recently adopted a peculiar appearance. One of the clock hands is still attached, while another has fallen loose within the casing.

Someone claimed the black banding around the clock had fallen or broken off - and then landed in the middle of the two hands, causing one to break.

Though the cause is undetermined, there’s speculation the damage occurred during hot weather.

A spokesperson from BANES Council said: “We are aware of the problem and will be fixing it.”