In a letter to The Journal, one Radstock resident is asking if he really needs a parking ticket for a free car park...

Dear Editor,


Having popped to Radstock to visit the chemist and for my wife to get her hair done, I parked in the library car park, in Radstock, only to be confronted by a ticket machine not working (again).

Quickly rushing around to the chemist, finding it closed (again) returned to my car to wait for my wife to return.

A car pulled up near me and out got a traffic warden, winding down my window, I asked him if he had come to fix the machine.

His answer was it was working and had I pushed the “power on” button? Well, I may be getting on a bit but I’m not quite senile. Having pressed the button earlier, again the ‘not in use’ sign appeared. I was then told to “phone the number on the board” - big problem, I don’t have a phone.

The traffic wardens answer to this was “you can’t park here then.”

At no time did he look around the half empty ‘free’ car park or ask how long I was going to be. For every question I asked him was the same reply, as if on repeat; “you can’t park here then”.

Now this begs the question - do I really need a ticket to park in a free car park, even though I have tried to get a ticket but found the machine broken? And more seriously should B&NES be training their car park attendants to be more understanding?


Des Wyatt