The first two games of the season were home games; Prattens ladies played Holt on Tuesday, 19th April, and a mixed team played Severn Vale on Wednesday, 20th April, both were friendlies.

In the ladies game it was very close on rink two where Prattens lost 10 shots to 11; on rink 3 Prattens won 24 shots to 11. Overall, Prattens won 34 shots to 22. In the mixed match against Severn Vale, there were four rinks playing. Prattens lost on three rinks and won on one. Overall, Prattens lost 66 shots to 76.

The next game was a mixed friendly at Home to Keynsham on Sunday, 24th April. There were four rinks playing; Prattens won on two rinks and lost on two rinks, overall Prattens lost 68 shots to 85.

In the week commencing 25th April, Prattens ladies have two friendly games against Bath ladies, at home, on Tuesday, 26th and away to Stothert and Pitt on Thursday, 28th. Prattens men have their first game of the season at home to Bath on Saturday, 30th and there is a mixed game away to Ashcombe on Sunday, 1st May.

Shirley Ashman