Well done to Midsomer Norton Judo Club’s very own Mason Caines, Mark Comer and Steve Birch who all competed at a dan grading on Sunday 28th January.

It was Steve’s first ever dan grading and second ever competition where he won two fights for the line up and got another win in his line up, achieving 30 points.

Mark Comer was the oldest and lightest in his category and won his two fights to get a line up and smashed it out of the park by winning his first two in his line up. Unfortunately he got injured in his last fight due to a bad technique by his opponent, meaning he didn’t achieve his second dan. However, he did walk away with 40 points and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Mason won his first two fights getting him a line up and achieving his black belt. Although he didn’t need to do his line up, he chose to go through with it and quickly won all three fights with a total fight time of less than a minute. It was a great event and we were happy to host.

Colin Taylor