Club boxer, Jacob Moon, travelled to Caldicot at the weekend to appear on the Chepstow ABC Show.

Boxing a tall southpaw Harrison Woods, from the home town club, he forced the action constantly, backing up his opponent and not giving Woods a chance to use his long reach advantage.

Throughout the three rounds, Jacob was out-working him and working both head and body to take a unanimous points decision.

Head Coach, Sean Jenkins, said: “Well done to Jacob, I was really pleased that he listened and boxed to instructions.

“Unless you have prior knowledge of your opponent, you don’t know anything about him until the night, so to see this tall lad warming up out of a southpaw stance, your tactics need readjusting quickly.

“Unfazed by it all, Jacob went out there and did a good job and it’s on to the next one.”

In preparation for upcoming bouts and the Junior Championships, Head Coach Sean is taking Jacob and a group of his boxers to Fitroy Lodge ABC, a famous amateur club in Lambeth, London, in the coming days.

Sean continued: “You can’t beat getting sparring experience from other clubs, so in the past the boys have travelled to a lot of local clubs in the South West, but I thought this time I would take them to a London club.

“It’s no coincidence that a lot of the national amateur champions who go on to do well in the pro game are from London, so if the experience and winning culture can rub off on to my lads when they step up to a higher level, then that’s great for them and the club’s profile.”

Sean Jenkins