On Saturday, 18th November, we held a Gift Day and Open Day in the Church and Church Hall at Parish Church of St Peters, Westfield.

The purpose of this event was to have a day when anyone in our parish or interested in the parish, not just the regular congregation, could drop in and see us – meet and make friends. As well as some refreshments our minister, Ian Rousell, had obtained some films of the old Church (the one that dominated the skyline in the MNR Journal Mystery Photograph some three weeks ago) and past events in the life of the Church. The films were shown throughout the day and everyone had a great time identifying people and laughing at some of the antics.

The cakes and refreshments went down well, with many compliments for the wonderful selection. These were served by our dedicated team of volunteers – without whom these events could not take place.

It was wonderful to welcome some visitors who came to see the films, and to have an opportunity where we could all sit down and share some quality time. We hope those new faces will become old friends.

Mike Davies