A Peasedown St John couple are facing a battle over plans to build a new house at the end of their garden. The matter will now go before Bath and North East Somerset Council’s planning committee today (Wednesday, 7th June), where Councillors will decide whether to grant planning permission or not.

Mark and Sarah Jones’ plan to build a house at the end of a long garden in Peasedown St John attracted six objections from locals, as well as from the Parish Council.

The new house would be a two-storey home with three bedrooms. It would have two parking spaces alongside parking for the existing house at the end of the garden.

A design and access statement submitted with the planning application said: “The original gardens to the Fairfield Terrace properties are in the region of 71 metres long, allowing plenty of room for subdivision while still leaving perfectly adequate external space.”

But some were concerned about the idea. Sue Kearns has objected to the plans, and stated in a letter to the council: “Erecting a two story property where stated will not only negatively impact the surrounding houses, it also sets a worrying precedent for houses to be squeezed into gardens without any consideration to the surrounding residents.”

She added: “The houses on Fairfield are some of the oldest in Peasedown St John and should be left as they are.”

Councillor Karen Walker, who referred the application to the planning committee, said the terrace had originally been built for miners and the large gardens had been for them and their families to grow food, but “not to build on.”

Neighbour Charles Clackett also objected, stating: “Since the house will be much higher than the garage currently there, I will also lose a lot of light and possibly privacy again, depending on which way the windows in the proposed new dwelling faces.”

Two local residents also lodged comments, but in support. Rhea De Pee said: “It’s always good to add extra affordable housing to the area.”

The application will be decided by Bath and North East Somerset Council’s planning committee on today (Wednesday, 7th June).

LDRS, John Wimperis