Popular TV antique expert, Paul Martin, will be sharing his knowledge and experience with Radstock residents on Wednesday, April 17, by hosting a free community valuation day at Radstock Museum. 

The valuation day, which is being run in partnership with world-renowned Devizes auctioneers Henry Aldridge & Son, for which Paul is Head of Valuations, will take place 10am until 3pm and is intended to encourage members of the public to dust off those items they’ve always been curious about and bring them along to be discussed, valued and perhaps sold. 

Paul would be delighted to see items ranging from antiques, collectables, silver, gold, militaria and jewellery. 

“The day in Radstock is going to be so interesting,” said Paul. “Radstock’s industrial and manufacturing history can still be seen in the town and is closely related to the history of the railways in the area, so our community valuation day there will be fascinating, I’m sure. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what people choose to bring along.”

Paul has been a TV presenter and expert for more than 20 years on programmes including Antiques’ Road Trip; Flog It!, Countryfile and many more. He has a new series, Paul Martin’s Auction Showdown, going live on Channel 5 this year.

Paul said: “Even though I am a TV presenter and still enjoy my broadcast career, I’m an antiques man at heart and these events allow me to get back to what drives me — the people, their objects and the stories they tell.” 

“This part of Somerset is great for hosting a valuation day. There is so much history here and the people are generous with their time and curiosity, so I’m sure we’ll see some fascinating items and learn lots from the stories attached to them.”

Radstock Museum’s permanent exhibits include a reconstructed coal mine, a miner’s cottage and a 1930 mock-up of the town’s Co-operative Society shop. 

As well as its permanent exhibitions, the Museum hosts a range of temporary exhibitions and events across the year, keeping the history of Radstock alive for both residents and visitors.

“With this kind of rich and particular history, which is so intimately connected to the industrial history of Britain, it will be interesting to see what items will be brought to our attention,” said Paul. “We could end up being presented with some fascinating items. What’s exciting about community valuation days is you never quite know what will turn up. It’s full of surprises.”