Last week’s Mystery Photograph featured the former Thatchers Brewery in Welton.

Thatcher's Brewery, Welton
(Radstock Museum)

Thank you to everyone who contacted us, and to the following for guessing Welton correctly:

Dan Bates, Colin Button, Martin Smith, Tony Clarke, David Swift, Tim Swift, Neil Gillard, Paul Kirkwood, Tony Young, Les Box, Sally Bown, Ivor Davis, Alan and Norma Norris, Roy Barnes and Val Rogers, Gilmour Jones, Alan Hayes, Terry Lintern, Pete Callow, Shaun Dallimore, Martin Horler, Colin Payne, Steven Eyles, Regan Moyle, John Mannings, Graeme Harrington, Janet Gilham, Shannon Turner, Christin Oatley, Mike Ford, Eric Brain, Paul Hancock, Eddie Attwood and Simon Chard.

Thank you to Jonathan Griffin, who explained: “This week we're looking down at Station Road, Welton from the old GWR Frome to Bristol railway line. The old Welton brewery can be seen on the right-hand side of the road, parts of the building still remain today. Living in the thatched cottage nearest the camera must have been a hairy experience in hot, dry weather as the railway was 100% steam hauled back in the day and steam locos have been known to chuck out the odd spark or two every now and then...”

Jeff Parsons, who thinks this photo was taken in the 1940s, said: “You are in Station Road, Welton, with the old brewery buildings on the right-hand side.”

Shirley Steel says "It is Station Road in Midsomer Norton, with the now derelict Welton Bag Factory. At the extreme left of the large building you can just see two large stone arches now bricked in. This was The Carpenters Shop for the factory and my father worked there for several years".

Do you know where we are in this week’s Mystery Photograph? We would love to hear from you! 

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