Last week’s Mystery Photograph sparked lots of conversation on social media. Well done to all who guessed correctly - the answer was Victoria Terrace, Bath Road, Paulton.

Thank you to Michael Vaughan, founder of the ‘Paulton Heritage’ Facebook group, for supplying the photograph.

Victoria Terrace, Bath Road, Paulton
Last weeks photo was taken at Victoria Terrace, Paulton. (Photo: Michael Vaughan) (Michael Vaughan)

Well done to the following who guessed correctly: Deb Hellyer, KJ Dallimore-Sage, Anne Hale, Ron Nash, Sue Trim, Michael Colliver, Paul Hancock, Paul Clark, Michael Colliver, Jean Maggs, Jenny Jones, Jean Foljkes, Bob Stokes, Neil Gillard, Ann Bond, Jayne Bond, Roger Brooks, Cameron Besser, Mike Ford, Simon Chard, Susan Phillips, Pete Callow, Les Box and Hannah Selway.

Well done to Hannah Howson who said: “It's Victoria terrace in Paulton. Ashman’s boot factory is visible at the top of the photo!”

Agreeing with the consensus and guessing correctly was Alan Rogers. He said: “Yes, there's part of Purnell’s or Ashman's Boot Factory up the top”.

Congratulations to Gill Penny, who said: "This week’s Mystery Photograph is taken on Victoria Terrace, we used to live in number 9. It was our first home”.

Frances Button also guessed correctly and said: “That is Victoria Terrace, Paulton. My auntie and uncle lived half way up.”

Thanks to Rachel Murray who got in touch with the correct answer. She said: “I know this one! I have this photo too, as I live on the street - Victoria Terrace”.

It seems last week’s photograph was an easy one for many of you - but what about this week? Do you know where we are in our latest Mystery Photograph? This one was supplied by Radstock Museum, perhaps this image will get some of you scratching your heads once again!

Please submit your answers by calling 01761 258030 or by emailing [email protected]. The deadline for guesses is 4pm on Friday.

If you have a historical image of our area suitable for our Mystery Photograph feature, email: [email protected]