The Westfield community has been saddened to see a massive spate of graffiti which covers the basketball and table tennis table at Norton Hill Recreation Ground like a blanket.

Does anyone recognise the tag or the paint pictured below? The cost to local people to get it cleaned up is significant, but alongside that is the way it suddenly makes this lovely recreation ground look dirty and uncared for. 

Chair of Westfield Parish Council, Phil Wilkinson said, “I was shocked and dismayed to see this mindless piece of vandalism.  Our recreation grounds are the heart of our community, used all day every day by people young and old.  It is a huge shame that one or two people should do so much damage which impacts us all”.

Vandalism this week has amounted to over £1,000 of damage, which is paid for by the people of Westfield.  If anyone recognises the paint or the tag, please contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555111. Calls are free and anonymous.