He had an amazing talent, voice, looks, the lot. I fell in love at age 11 and now in my dotage I am still head over heels. But I am now forced to ask; if Elvis hadn’t been taken so tragically young, would he have needed a physio in his later years to keep that pelvis impressing us all so much?

Friends of St Chad’s & Chilcompton Surgeries have organised another of their successful health talks.

This month they are welcoming, Specialist physiotherapist, Megan Jackson, who has been a physiotherapist for over twenty years, to talk on all things pelvic health, including bladder and bowel dysfunction, prolapse and pelvic pain, and possible after effects of prostate surgery. This talk is definitely suitable for both men and women.

As someone once said, “You can change your life with the right exercise,” so come along to Methodist Church Hall Midsomer Norton on Tuesday, 25th April 2023 at 6 pm and see how you could improve yours. Who knows, we may even get you back on the dance floor like the ‘King.’

This talk is free and is open to all local residents, first come first served.

These events are paid for by fundraising that the Friends of St Chads do through their 100 Club and Christmas Raffles. The speakers donate their time free of charge. The Friends also raise funds to provide additional equipment that the NHS is not currently providing.

Last month they approved a donation to purchase new Asthma diagnostic equipment. This also means that other local surgeries will now not have to share a machine so much.

If you have an interest in a particular health issue which you think would be suitable for one of our Health Talks, please let the Friends know at [email protected] If you can suggest a speaker so much the better.

Enquiries, please ring Jenny Evans on 01761 232244

Jenny Evans