THE Camerton and Peasedown Short Croquet team travelled to Lym Valley at Lyme Regis on Thursday, July 4,  for their second match of the season. The CPCC team were Ann Munton (H6), Simon Dunk (H6), Simon Munton (H6), Mo Boys (H5)

Election Day had dawned and life went on as usual at Lym Valley; the sun was out and the Lym valley team made their visitors very welcome.

They then explained about their lawns, half of which are on the outfield of the cricket pitch. During the spring this area had been a lake and was now so dry that large cracks were everywhere, not to mention some mysterious holes, probably made by the local wild life. It was a challenge, to say the least, and made for some interesting and frustrating play.

Having decided that each of the Camerton and Peasedown team would stay on the same lawn for the whole day, the CPCC players drew straws resulting in Ann and Mo using the cricket outfield and Simons D and M the croquet lawns.

This may or may not have made a difference to the outcome, but both Simon D and Simon M won all four of their games and Ann won two. Lym Valley team players held Short Croquet handicaps of between H10 and H 3.5. So the final result 10 – 6 to Camerton and Peasedown was well deserved and meant that the Camerton and Peasedown  Short Croquet team have achieved 100 per cent wins so far!! Match report from team captain: Mo Boys

Meanwhile the Camerton and Peasedown Croquet Handicap A team are also enjoying a fine summer. They have played three matches so far and have a 100 per cent record.

The Camerton and Peasedown Handicap ‘A’ team, represented by Marion Button (capt.), Jill Parker, Jill Shaw, Nigel Wulko, Phil Hendy and Andy Loakes, visited Weston-super-Mare on Wednesday, July 3rd, and came away victorious with a 12.5 to 7.5 win.

CPCC scored steadily before lunch and then came out strongly after lunch playing impressively in the afternoon sessions. The host team may have been struggling after indulging in a splendid lunch; CPCC had wisely eaten only light refreshments. Fine homemade cake was served at the end of the day in the club marquee; and thanks go to Weston super Mare club for their splendid hospitality.

Jill Parker