IN THE South West Croquet Federation Leagues, matches are well underway for all seven of the Camerton and Peasedown teams and the club has also started its programme of internal Club Tournaments, which are always highly contested.

On Friday, 31st May, the CPCC Level 5+ ‘A’ team, captained by Phil Hendy, travelled to Dowlish Wake CC, Ilminster. T

The day stayed dry and the home team made the Camerton and Peasedown team very welcome.

Before the match the Dowlish Wake team captain explained that the lawns sloped, some more than others, and suggested that the visiting team should have some practice before the match began.

It soon became clear that at Dowlish Wake  golf croquet takes on a different meaning as players needed to read the slope of the lawns as well as the distance needed to play their shots.

Despite these difficulties the Camerton and Peasedown team fought hard with several games producing long tactical battles around some hoops.

Christina Sandford was the CPCC key player, winning two games and so scoring the two CPCC points. Her last game was extremely close throughout and included a titanic battle on hoop 12 before she went on to score the golden hoop.