As 2023 draws to a close and yet another leap year beckons we have much to be thankful for as this year has been anything but easy ride. 

The year saw the ownership of Farrington Park change hands from Paul Harwood to 360 Golf. Next year promises to be  an exciting one for the new owners and members alike.

Also as exciting was the Seniors Christmas Lunch held in the Park Suite with almost 80 members privy to an excellent trophy and raffle presentation followed by a delicious 3 course lunch. Many members expressed their delight in attending what many claimed to be one of the most enjoyable and well presented evenings for many years. Congratulations and thanks go to all of those involved in the organisation of the evening in particular Seniors Captain Steve Ball for keeping control of a raucous crowd!

The winner of the Ray Dando Trophy 2023 was once again Don Perry, claiming his fourth win in the last 6 years.

Trophy and Knockout winners for 2023 were as follows: Bill Sims Trophy - Mike Mahoney, Eddie Jackman Trophy - Andrew Smith, Ray Vickers Trophy - Barry Hall, Pete Ross, Phil Toogood, Wally Sage Trophy - Mike Bradbury, John Fisher, Chris Liberty, Seniors Club Champion Duchy - Gary Auld, Captains Day Tantalus - Jim Lunt, Seniors Committee Cup - Alan Elkington, Seniors Club Champion Manor - Ham Ridene, Ray Dando Trophy 2022 - Charlie Bentley, Winter Singles Duchy - Rob Thain, Winter Pairs Duchy - Dave Harvey, Steve Coles, Summer Singles Duchy - Steve Symonds, Summer Pairs Duchy - Steve Symonds, Steve Hobbs, Most Improved Golfer - Stephen Cockle.       

Rob Thain