What a difference a week makes. On Wednesday, 16th March all day it rained and rained and then rained some more. An horrendous day. Since then not a drop!

Senior golfers at Farrington Park braved the elements and ventured out into the doom and deluge with many returning after a handful of holes. Others fearlessly carried on. Many arrived back at base looking as if they had forgotten to undress before showering! Waterproofs were tested to the limit and few quality brands came through unscathed.

We played a qualifying Stableford for the Bill Sims Trophy. Last years Division 3 winner was David Cross. He went one better this time around by winning the trophy outright. Taking into account the atrocious conditions 35 points was a very creditable score. Well done David.


Division One: Paul Gregory 34, Alan Taylor 32, Steve Hobbs 32, Phil Button 31

Division Two: Bob Baker 34, Tony Thorp 32, Barry Hall 32, Pete Maule 31.

Division Three and winner of Bill Sims Trophy: David Cross 35, Geoff Clare 30, Dave Lewis 30, Alan Smith 30.

Friendly matches are already underway with West Wilts our first opponents here at Farrington. Rob Thain