If ever there is victory in losing then it happened last Saturday!

Head coach of Norton Radstock ABC, Sean Jenkins, explains: "After being away for four years during which he endured a tortured time in the marines, caught covid, came home to try to struggles, it's fair to say Cameron Walker went on a downward slide!

“After the odd training session, his attitude changed, his weight had ballooned to around 86kgs, something had to change. So for the last twelve to thirteen months, he's been training like a possessed machine from another world! His dedication was a joy to watch.

“Fast forward to March of this year, we had his medical card renewed, he weighed 73kgs and he was ready to go! So it was a trip to Chard to complete the journey. Up against hometown boy Alfie Troop with a legion of supporters behind him, Cameron loved the atmosphere and was focused on the job.

“Cameron pushed Alfie hard in each round which had the crowd on their feet. With Alfie being the more active during Cameron's inactivity, he was given the decision on a 4-1 split. This was for me the only difference between the two well matched boys.

“To his credit, Cameron wasn't too disappointed. For me, it was all about the performance that I was keen to see. I got my answers and more! I can honestly say I was beaming with absolute pride afterwards! It was great to see Cameron up there doing his stuff, but it was also the pride in our great sport of boxing and how much a positive effect it can have on someone during and after some dark times.

“Well done Cameron, I am very proud of you. We move onto the next one, the return journey has just started."