Prattens celebrate Somerset Men’s President

It was a special week because Prattens had the honour of hosting a match between teams representing the Somerset Bowls Association and their equivalent for indoor bowls.

Tuesday 24th May 2022 2:30 pm
Prattens Bowls Club hosted a match between teams representing the Somerset Bowls Association.
(Prattens Bowls Club )

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For the most part it is easy to tell who is who because the outdoor team were wearing white trousers and the indoor team were in greys (although Prattens President Brian Weeks managed to get into the picture in greys). This game was part of the activities celebrating Barrie Dando of Prattens being the Somerset Men’s President (he does have a ladies counterpart). After the game the participants were fed and watered in the social club by members of Prattens.

Outside of this special event there were two games played by Prattens this week (there should have three but the ladies had one of their games postponed). The first game played was a three rink game at Paulton in the Ladies Wild League, but it was a bad day for the Prattens team as they lost on all three rinks.

The second game was a Men’s three rink game in the Somerset County league away to the Bloomfield B team and Prattens found the green more to their liking than the home side did. Prattens won on all three rinks including some substantial score differences. As that was Prattens first SCL game of the season it was a very satisfying start.

Next week Prattens Ladies are scheduled to have two games again, one of them on the Bloomfield green, and the Men’s team have a home SCL fixture against the Keynsham C team and an away fixture in the Top Club competition at Paulton.

Graeme Smith


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