Our indoor club is open to anyone wishing to play indoors throughout the entire year and we run numerous internal club leagues also taking part in county competitions during the winter indoor season.

In a reversal of form from last week, our ladies have had a very disappointing week, losing to both Street and Paulton in the Wild League and also losing to a strong Bloomfield team in the Southey Trophy on Saturday.

On the other hand, the men have had a successful week. The ‘A’ team winning 10-2 at home to Paulton and the ‘B’ team winning away at Prattens 8-4 in the MSL.

On Saturday, all three teams were in action in the Somerset County League but the ‘A’ team lost away at Bristol ‘A’ 2-10, the ‘B’ team home to Frome Park ‘B’ winning 10-2, but the ‘C’ lost 2-10 at home to Knowle ‘C’.

On Sunday, our Tony Alcock team had a great convincing win over Bath to progress to the next round. Well done to all. T.Gardiner