SOMER Valley Cycling Club has celebrated its 40th anniversary with an inaugural club trip to Mallorca, Spain.

Fourteen club cyclists, of all ages and abilities, descended upon Porta Pollensa for six days of cycling in the sunshine. 

On the agenda were the challenging climbs of Sa Colabra and Cap Formentor as well as a trip to Sineu Velodrome and Santa Magdalena. Needless to say, there were various café stops along the way.

Sporta Bike+ was there to ensure that the trip ran smoothly, suggested, and adapted routes to accommodate all riders and supported the group along each ride. 

David Parker-Bastable, Interim Chairperson, said: “Regardless of our diverse levels of cycling experience, fitness or ability, we all managed to ride together. We supported each other to achieve rides that, for some in the group, may not have seemed previously possible. This made the trip all the more special.”

He added, “Sporta Bike+’s knowledge of the area was invaluable.”

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