A Writhlington team of Alex Day, Hamish O’Mahony, Matt Alexander and Patrick Lodge played second-placed Knowle.

Sitting at the bottom of the division half-way through the season is not ideal – however, never shying away from a challenge, Writhlington went about scoring some valuable points.

Hamish and Matt played against Pete and Dan – Knowle’s aggressive style was not enough to stop a great serving and finishing at the net display for a 6–3, 7–6 win.

Patrick and Alex were in a tussle against Mark and Matt. After some brilliant rallies, they split the first two sets 6–3, 1–6. Writhlington changed ends with a 7–5 advantage in the championship tiebreak, only to lose 10–7.

Patrick and Alex then played Pete and Dan. Writhlington once again played well and had a 5–3 first set lead, only to lose it 7–5. Similar story in the second set, losing 6–4. Hamish and Matt then went on to play Mark and Matt – the Writhlington pair continued their impressive form, racing to a 6-–2 lead. What followed was an epic service game from Matt lasting 15 minutes. Writhlington, however, didn’t let them off the hook, winning 6–3.

Patrick Lodge