He’s done it! Local RUH Head and Neck Surgeon Stuart Gillett is the new Deca-Ironman GB record holder finishing in 1st place after 209 hours of effort at altitude in Mexico. The challenge comprised of:

· 24-mile swim

· 1120-mile cycle

· 262-mile run.

Stuart’s week of non-stop competing included:

  • · Around 2.5 hours sleeping each day. In 30 minute, bursts
  • · First male swimmer out of the water in 21 hours
  • · 450km (280 miles) ridden on the bike each day of the ride phase for around 4 days
  • · Stuart was 2 full marathons into the run, when all the other Deca competitors were still on the bike
  • · Total time was 209 hours, 29 minutes, and 30 seconds
  • · The challenge was competed in the heat and altitude (around 2,000 metres high) of Mexico
  • · Almost 500 kind donors have raised well over £20,000 towards the new AI Radiotherapy software
  • · Stuart now holds the new GB record for the multi-ironman triathlon distance, and also was the Deca distance winner.

Stuart who was already the current UK record holder for 3x and 5x Ironman distance triathlon, said: “The RUH is a fantastic place to work, the people are absolutely fantastic. I’m delighted that my challenge has raised over £20,000 towards this new AI software that will save our Consultant Oncologists a large amount of time allowing them to spend more time with the patients.”

He is raising money - in conjunction with our trust charity RUHX - to buy computer radiotherapy AI software for the new RUH Dyson cancer centre. This software will provide cutting edge radiotherapy planning to benefit many patients being treated for cancer by freeing up the valuable time of Consultant Oncologists to concentrate on patient facing care. Including the many Head and Neck cancer patients that come through Stuarts department.

You can donate, follow, and see more about Stuart’s story at:

· Instagram - @thedecadoctor ·

Or you can donate here: Just Giving.