Police have released the 999 call made by the mother of killer Joshua Delbono six hours after he stabbed to death teenager Charley Bates in Radstock.

Sixteen-year-old Charley was knifed after violence escalated between two groups of friends in July last year.

Delbono, 19, stabbed to death the victim he had never met after intervening in a fight in a car park.

Approximately six hours after Charley had been stabbed, police received a phone call from Delbono’s mother in which she told police her son ‘had killed someone’ and she was keeping him at the address.

She told the call-handler she felt ‘sick’ by what had happened.

She then passed the phone to Delbono who admitted to stabbing Charley, claiming he was trying to protect others.

Delbono, from Frome, went on to falsely claim he had thrown the knife away at the scene.

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