Radstock Museum’s Bygone Days: Living History Talks 2024 programme begins this February with some magic to brighten the long dark evenings. 

Martin Elsbury will be giving an illustrated talk and a demonstration on Magic Lanterns, the entertainment of yesteryear.

Martin says: “Today, we're always looking at screens. We can't get away from them! Tiny pixels of coloured light build pictures of our world. We live with YouTube and Netflix. We grew up with television and the cinema.

“But before that, back before our time, our parent's time and our grandparent's time, there was a form of screen entertainment that captivated, enthralled, and inspired audiences, The Magic Lantern Show.

“The Victorians perfected this medium using colourful hand painted slides and photographic images, projected in dark rooms, to entertain and educate inquisitive audiences. They also devised ingenious ways to create movement, delighting generations of viewers until the invention of the cinema. 

“This presentation 'A Shimmer in the Dark' journeys back to the world of the magic lantern for a look at life over a century ago.”

The talk will take place at The Somer Centre, Midsomer Norton on Tuesday, 6th February at 7:30pm. 

All proceeds to Radstock Museum, charity number 1151573. You can find out more about the talk by visiting: www.radstockmuseum.co.uk .

Lucy Tudor