Radstock residents are sowing the seeds to create a colourful new garden for the region’s pollinators.

Metro Mayor Dan Norris joined volunteers in rolling up their sleeves to start work on the new Southfield Community Garden at the Recreation Ground. The project to turn the disused former play area into a community garden helping Radstock’s busy bugs has been made possible thanks to a £35,000-plus cash injection from the West of England Mayoral Authority, led by Mr Norris.

He said: “It is exciting to see this vital project come together. We are not just building Southfield Community Garden for us but for Radstock’s bees who make sure our crops are pollinated and we have delicious West of England produce to eat and drink year-round. In short - they’re bee-rilliant”.

Over the next nine months, volunteers will help plant over 50 species of pollinator friendly plants across the 17,000 square metre site.

Radstock in Bloom and Radstock Town Council, who are leading the project, are also building an outdoor classroom for community groups to learn how to look after the region’s food heroes through bee-friendly actions like creating bee hotels.

Mr Norris in inviting people across the area to help plant the garden. He added: “My message to residents is - Radstock’s pollinator pals need your assistance! I’m proud that my West of England Mayoral Authority is investing in projects supporting our region’s pollinators like this. But we cannot do this alone - together let’s make amazing Radstock an even better place for locals and pollinators alike to call home.”

Radstock Mayor Cllr Nick Toogood added: “We are delighted to have received funding to carry out this exciting project which will be of huge benefit.”

To get involved contact [email protected]