Formed in Suffolk as an initiative to make football more accessible to young children between the ages of two and twelve, the Football Fun Factory has since grown to become one of the largest football coaching franchises in the UK.

Their mission is to become the world’s leading children’s football coaching organisation, and you can now get involved locally with sessions at Writhlington’s Dragonfly Leisure Centre.

Boasting an impressive roster of over seventy head coaches spread across the UK and even expanding its reach to three other countries, most recently setting foot in Northern Ireland, parents can relax knowing that their children are in good hands here. One familiar face at the helm of the organisation is ex Manchester United player Luke Chadwick, a key figure who has helped to spread the message and ethos of the Football Fun Factory across the UK and beyond.

The ethos underpinning the Football Fun Factory is profound yet simple: to leverage football as a vehicle for child development. While the conventional approach might solely focus on honing football skills, this initiative takes a different route. It awards children Blue Cards, not for displaying extraordinary football prowess, but for embodying remarkable life skills.

One of the locations where this transformative vision comes to life is the Dragonfly Leisure Centre in Writhlington. Since May, the Football Fun Factory’s franchise there has been making its mark on the 5G AstroTurf. Under the guidance of dedicated coach Scott Smith, more than sixty children have embraced the initiative. The response has been nothing short of a true goal-scoring success that’s leaving everyone cheering for more.

Coach Scott Smith said, “The children I have coached have been incredible and the training sessions have been incredibly well received”.

Weekly sessions take place every Tuesday from 5 to 6PM, catering to children aged five to twelve. To allow newcomers to experience their approach, the Football Fun Factory offers a three-week free trial. This trial not only introduces children to the program but also allows parents and children to assess if it aligns with their expectations.

At its heart, the Football Fun Factory symbolises a shift in how football can contribute to a child’s growth. With the guidance of dedicated coaches, emphasising the cultivation of not just football skills but also essential life skills, it’s a clear path towards a brighter future for these young players.

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To find out more about signing up, email Writhlington Coach Scott Smith: [email protected]