Eleven teams of Scouts aged between ten and fourteen from across Wansdyke took part in the annual night hike around Radstock.

After a safety briefing, teams were despatched at twenty-minute intervals. The course was 7.5 km long, and each team had to complete activity bases around the route. The total time for their walk and points from the five bases were combined to give an overall score.

There were six bases along the route, including first aid, fire-lighting and a marshmallow cook, pancake frying, escape room puzzle box, a ‘space mission’, and a rope-and-bucket challenge. Each team was required to complete five of the tasks.

On their return to Radstock Scout Hall, they were given hot chocolate and biscuits, followed by two films before bed at 2.30 a.m. After sleeping for the rest of the night they woke to a breakfast of bacon rolls, followed by presentations to the winners and runners-up. The winners were a team from Saltford, runners-up High Littleton, and Radstock came in third place.