What weighs the same as two killer whales, US president Obama’s beast limousine or three male giraffes?

Answer; they all weigh the same as the amount of food distributed by the 

Hive Community Fridge in the last twelve months – a whopping 6,500kg! That is enough to make the equivalent of 16,000 meals and has saved food that might have gone to waste producing 21,500 kg of CO2 which would increase global heating.

Bread, cakes, flowers, fruit and vegetables, you never know what you might find there – one day we even had three hundred eggs! - but it is all freely available to those who can use it.

Carol, the Community Fridge coordinator, says: ‘We have an amazing team of volunteers who collect food from local supermarkets that is past its best-before-date but still good to eat. We simply ask that people only take what they can use that day so it can be shared fairly with all the community. No-one is charged for the food but there is a donation box if people wish to help with the running of the Community Fridge.”

Those using the Community Fridge say they love the way it helps the community, showing how much people care for each other. It saves them money and stops food going to waste – win - win all round!

The Community Fridge is really grateful for the support of all its volunteers, Hubbub and the Co-op foundation who gave us the grant to start the fridge and to our partner supermarkets – Tesco, Lidl, Waitrose, M&S and Sainsburys who sort their food for us to use.

For more information, visit the Hive website: thehivepsj.org, contact our manager: [email protected] or phone 01761 360021