St Nicholas Church School was delighted to receive a 'Good' rating from Ofsted following a recent two-day inspection.

The report commended the Radstock primary school for its curriculum, exemplary behaviour, inclusive environment, strong leadership, and excellent reading and Early Years provision where children ‘flourish’.

Lead inspector Wendy D'Arcy praised the school, stating: "The school has high expectations of all pupils."

She added: "Pupils, including those in the resource base, have positive attitudes to learning and are eager to share their ideas. As a result, classrooms are purposeful, and pupils learn without disruption."

Children expressed to inspectors that everyone feels welcome at their school, a sentiment affirmed by parents. Ofsted applauded the school's aspirations for pupils, providing tailored learning support where needed.

The report noted that recent changes to the leadership structure have brought "momentum to the improvements in the curriculum." It highlighted that "inclusivity is a golden thread that runs through St Nicholas Church School" and described the pupils as "polite and well mannered" who "listen well to one another and adults" and "are keen to please and make good decisions," fostering "a sense of calm and order."

St Nicholas' approach to teaching reading was commended, with staff hailed as "experts" in teaching children to read. "Reading is at the heart of the school's curriculum," inspectors reported, noting that systematic phonics instruction begins in reception year coupled with "a strong focus on listening to stories."

Pupils also enthusiastically welcomed the school's new library and its vast selection of books, according to the report. Most importantly, it spoke glowingly of the pupils themselves, describing them as "polite, well-mannered and listen well to others" who "are keen to please and make good decisions."

Executive Headteacher Joe Beament expressed his delight, stating: "We are thrilled with the outcome of the recent Ofsted visit.

“They only spend two days at any school, and I am pleased they recognised what I see every day - amazing children working hard and having fun in calm, purposeful classrooms. This environment is the product of an excellent staff team and a supportive community of parents, carers, Governors, and friends working to provide the best education and experiences. This report captures a moment in time, and we look forward to continuing our plans and building on our success."

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