Children at Welton Primary School have been learning more about ‘Eco’ issues with a special focus on litter and recycling.

Pupils have been challenged to consider the following key questions: Which recycling box do I use for items with mixed materials? What can and can’t be made from recycled materials? Which items could be reused rather than recycled and how? How can we reduce waste?

Welton Primary School Wombles get stuck in.
(Welton Primary School)

Classes undertook activities such as redesigning the recycling logo to make it more eye-catching for children, using recycling to create amazing artwork and making a class paperchain (with recycled paper!) about top tips for recycling. Through applying their scientific knowledge of material properties, they predicted how recycling could be further sorted after collection. It was great to hear that many Welton families are already involved in recycling at home. Mr Stevens, the school’s Eco leader said, ‘’It was great to see how knowledgeable pupils already were about this very important issue and how enthusiastic they were to learn. Pupils had a fun and informative time sorting recycling of their own and especially loved using litter pickers.”

The events this week follow on from other Eco work undertaken by the school’s Eco Team who meet every week to discuss how to make improvements around the school. For example, light switches are now colour coded so pupils know when they should be switched off, doors have posters with a reminder to shut them and energy use is reviewed every week.

As spring approaches, the Eco Team will turn its attention to the plants and wildlife within the lovely school grounds.