THE world famous Mars Badminton Horse Trials are not just about the horses.  This year with the Queen visiting the horse trials the Royal box floral decorations were more important than ever.  

This task has become the responsibility of Chris Ruddick from Statton on the Fosse. He has been undertaking this role for nearly 40 years and being a ‘royal’ year the colours to be used were set out very carefully by the organisers.

Chris and his team not only arrange the floral display in the royal box but also around the ‘Rolex’ watches in the main arena. 

The headline sponsors, ‘Mars’ floral displays are also expertly arranged.  There is another magnificent floral display at the organisers’ office also the work of Chris.  The displays are kept in prime condition throughout the week and watered daily.

When Chris first started work on the floral displays at Badminton all the major banks had stands with beautiful displays and the major sponsors also had plenty of florals.

What an honour to have dressed the royal box for a member of the royal family.