Well, what a disappointment! What happened to all of that lovely snow we were supposed to get? I had the carrot, some lumps of coal and a scarf at the ready for my granddaughter’s snowman, but no; they remain unused, well, apart from the carrot which we ate!

Instead, we just seem to be getting some really depressing weather. So, how to cheer you all up? Well, I do happen to have a couple of things which might just give you something to look forward to.

What about a nice, sunny trip to the seaside? Yes, our two away days for 2017 will both be beside the sea. The first is on Sunday, 28th May, when we will be boarding our charabanc for a jolly day out at Sidmouth. I think, for lots of you, it will be a return visit, and if I remember rightly, the bowling proved very interesting on our last visit due to the resident seagulls, who saw no reason to move just because a bowl was heading their way!

Our second outing is a new one on me and a great treat, as on Sunday, 30th July we’re going to Bideford, again, in sunny Devon. I don’t think the club has been there before; although I’m sure there will be some older members who will tell me differently. Hopefully, the seagulls in Bideford will be better behaved and the sun will shine on us, so get the dates in your diaries and look out your buckets and spades.

Don’t forget this weekend on Saturday, 21st January the Beetle Drive will be taking place at Norwest. It starts at 7.30 p.m. and there will be an American supper and raffle.

I know sometimes in the winter it’s tempting to stay at home and sit by the fire, but please come along and join in – I’m sure after a few bevvies you’ll be glad you came!

If you’ve never been to a Beetle Drive before, don’t worry, it’s great fun and the Norwest beetles are very well behaved!