Saturday morning saw the first qualifying competition of the Men’s 2022 season, the Spring Equinox Stableford – a bright clear morning and a stiff easterly breeze met eighty two players on a drying course.

Given the windy conditions some of the scoring was excellent and congratulations to Robert Swift for his overall win. The results are;

Division One - First place was Robert Swift - 42 points, second place was Simon Jackson 39 points, third was Toby Cole 36 points.

Division Two - First place was Andy Williams 35 points c/b, second place was Justin Chadburn 35 points c/b and third place was Tony Wiseman with 34 points.

Division Three - First place was Steven Guy with 38 points, second place was Richard Sheard 37 points, third place was Peter Ramsay 36 points.

A beautiful spring Sunday saw Wells Golf Club ladies play their first official golf competition of 2022, the March Madness - the sun was shining, the views were magnificent and some of the golf matched up too.

With teams of three played a step-aside scramble, the winning team were Sienna Elliott, Gwyn Macdonald and Erica Klim (pictured) with a net 72.

Second were Sandy Heath, Joan Stembridge and Kathy Lane with net 73. Well played ladies!